About Us


the company...

Journeyman Painting is a family business.

Greg and Charmaine Kiddle are partners in business and in life.  Greg is the certified Journeyman with the Red Seal that makes sure your project gets what it needs from quotation to completion while Charmaine cares for all the administrative necessities.

the team...

The team is essential to accomplishing our mission statement to create and maintain a safe and productive environment for each worker and for any who enter or visit our workplace.  Each team member has unique experience and qualifications that fill key roles in each project.  As a unit we strive for excellence.  As individuals we thrive on the satisfaction of our customers.

the mission...

We appreciate the trust our residential customers have put in us to make their vision a reality.  We understand that our commercial customers have many other trades they are dealing with along with administrative contingencies.  Bearing all of this in mind, our goal is to complete each project on time, on budget, and... beautifully executed!   

Did you know...?

A tradesperson with a Journeyman certification shows evidence of being trained and qualified according to provincial and industry standards. The certification is awarded both through in-class and on-the-job training. The Red Seal is the national or inter-provincial standard of excellence for skilled trades across Canada.  The Red Seal also allows tradespersons to share their expertise through coaching, supervising and training apprentices.

The Red Seal program was established more than 50 years ago to provide an endorsement to tradespersons that have been trained by and that follow NOA’s (National Occupational Analyses).  The seal that is placed on their certificate is widely recognized and respected by the trades industry across Canada and internationally.
Employers and consumers can be confident that the Red Seal tradesperson is skilled and knowledgeable in the trade.